A quirk of Hertingfordbury civil parish is that it does not contain Hertingfordbury village. It did many years ago, but around the time of the local government reorganisation in 1974, Hertingfordbury village was moved to be part of Hertford Town. That left Hertingfordbury civil parish with five smaller settlements, known as the Five Greens.

  • Cole Green (including Cumberland Green)
  • Letty Green
  • Birch Green
  • East End Green
  • Staines Green

in between these five greens are smaller hamlets of Labby Green and Pipers End. The parish also includes the Panshanger estate – much of which is now designated as Panshanger Park.

Each of the five greens consists of houses surrounded by areas of grassed land owned by the parish council. These grassed areas including the verges are registered as Village Green and have special protection status, especially when it comes to driving vehicles over them.