The Role

1. To Listen to the views of the community and villages.

2. To deal with residents enquiries and representations fairly and without prejudice.

3. To improved the quality of life for those of live, work or visit the area by being an active member on projects undertaken by the parish council.

4. To participate fully in the participation and scrutiny of the parish councils policies, strategic plans, budgets and service delivery.

5. To prepare for, attend and participate in Parish Council meetings, decision making and abide by democratic decisions.

6. To keep up to date with significant developments effecting the Parish Council, community and villages.

7. to represent the Parish Council on outside bodies to which the Councillor is appointed and report back activities.

8. To maintain proper standards of behaviour and comply with the Council’s Code of Conduct

9. To undertake appropriate training and development to help fulfil the requirements of the Councillor role.

The Parish Council

Hertingfordbury Parish Council is led by ten democratically elected of Co-opted Councillors from our community. They decide on what services and projects the Parish Council will deliver. As voluntary representatives of the first tier of local government and the closest to the community, Local Councillors are best placed to engage with villagers.

Do You Care About Your Village and Surrounding Areas?

Are you able to give your some of time to represent effectively the interests of the whole Parish and make decisions that will benefit the community?

Would you like to find out what the real local issues are and help to over come them?

Do you have idea for improving you village and those who live and visit the area?

Would you like to be apart of the team that manages the Greens, Paths and Play area?

Why not apply today to fill one of our Four current vacancies?

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