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New Bus Service for the Village

From early Janu323 – a new bus service that links Hertford with Welwyn Garden City passes through the villages. This is bus service 323 and the timetable can be accessed here, or is available on the noticeboards. 323 – Hertford to Welwyn Garden City via QEII | Intalink

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Election candidate notices

Notice of Election

TRO 21726 Birch Green, The Kings Coronation

TRO21791 Hertingfordbury Road

Public Notice TRO20913

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Hertingfordbury and the Five Greens

Hertingfordbury Parish is local government area south of Hertford. Strangely, Hertingfordbury village does not lie within the civil parish, but is within the local government area of Hertford Town Council.

Within the area there are a number of other small villages locally known as “the five greens“. These are:

  • Birch Green
  • Cole Green
  • East End Green
  • Letty Green
  • Staines Green

This website provides a voice for the whole local community and is managed by Hertingfordbury Parish Council.