100 Years Ago

The Five Greens c1920

The Five Greens c1920

Domesday Book

The history of the parish can be traced back to the Domesday Book entry of 1086 which mentions Herefordingberie. “Stronghold of the people of Hertford”. Old English -inga-a- burh (dative byrig).

“Ralph himself holds Herefordingberie. It is assessed at 5 hides. There is land for 10 ploughs. In demesne are 3 hides and 1 virgate, and there are 2 ploughs, and there can be a third. There 5 villans with 1 Frenchman and 6 bordars have 5 ploughs, and there can be 2 more. There are 11 cottars and 4 slaves, and 2 mills rendering 6s, meadow for 3 ploughs, pasture for the livestock of the vill and woodland for 200 pigs. From woodland pasture, 7s. In all it is worth £8; when received, £6; TRE £10. Alwine, a thegn of Earl Harold, held this manor and could sell.”

Other mentions in the Domesday book include:

“In Panshanger [Blachemene] Geoffrey of Runeville holds 1 hide from Geoffrey [de Bec]. There is land for 2 ploughs. In demesne 1; another possible. There is 1 villager and 2 smallholders. Meadow for 2 ploughs; pasture for the livestock; woodland for 40 pigs. The value of this land is and was 15s; TRE [before 1066] 40s. Two thanes of King Edward’s held this land; they could sell.”

“In Epcombs [Thepecampe] a priest holds ∏ hide, of the King’s alms. There is land for 1 plough; it is there, with 2 slaves. Meadow for 1 plough; 1 mill at 12d. The value of this land is and was 15s; TRE [before 1066] 20s. He held it himself TRE and still holds it, in alms.”

“In Roxford [Rochesforde] the priest Guy holds ∏ hide from Geoffrey [de Bec]. There is land for 1∏ ploughs. In demesne 1; ∏ possible. There are 3 smallholders. 1 mill at 5s; meadow for 1 plough; pasture for the livestock; woodland for 50 pigs. In total, the value is and was 15s; TRE [before 1066] 20s. Godwin, a thane of King Edward’s, held this land; he could sell.”

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