Chairman Paul Rochford

Vice-Chairman Haidy Blake

Councillor Simon Bostock

Hello, My name is Simon Bostock, I joined the council in February 2022. I live in Birch Green and I have three children all currently at Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School.

I have experience in my work of managing teams and implementing large scale data projects. I have specialist skills in data governance, security and data privacy (GDPR).

Whilst being a councillor I would like to concentrate my efforts most on representing the interest of Parishioners across the Greens and to
promote community engagement especially with the Council adopting digital initiatives.
I have a special interest in the safety and wellbeing of everyone moving about the parish but in particular the safety of children visiting the school.
I am currently a committee member of Road Safety Working Group and the Employment Working Group.

Members of public can approach me specifically for anything to do with Road safety, parking and speeding issues.

Councillor Nicola Gordon

Hello my name is Nicola Gordon,

I take an interest in community issues, wellbeing and protecting our environment and climate change. I feel it is important to be part of the Council to ensure we have a diverse, cohesive team bringing a mix of skills, attitudes, and interests so the Council can continue to maintain and improve the wellbeing of the community in all aspects.

I focus my efforts on issues around Birch green, the pond, its history, climate / environmental issues such as pollution and the wellbeing of all inhabitants – including the mice that live in my house!

An ongoing concern is increasing the number of Councillors on the Parish Council. It is especially important to me that the Parish Council continues to exist, but we need your help to achieve this.
I am happy to answer all questions about the role of a Parish Councillor, and what the Parish Council does now and in the future to help protect and serve the greens and its residents.

Councillor Roger Morris