Councillor Vacancies

We are looking for Councillors. If you wish to become a councillor please email .

We are welcoming of all walks of life. Do you feel you have the skills that could be used productively and proactively within our council?


Responsible to: The Council and its electors.
Responsible for: Effective leadership to foster the interests of the electors and Parish
Role Purpose to: Bring local issues to the attention of the council, help it make decisions
on behalf of the local community and represent the views of
parishioners within and outside the Parish.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. To represent effectively the interests of the whole parish by listening to views from
the community
2. To improve the quality of life for those that live, work or visit the area
3. To participate fully in the formation and scrutiny of the Community Council’s policies,
strategic plans, budgets and service delivery
4. To ensure that the Community Council is properly managed
5. To prepare for, attend and participate in Community Council meetings, decision
making and abide by corporate decisions
6. To undertakes appropriate training and development to help fulfil the requirements of
the councillor role
7. To keep up to date with significant developments affecting the Community Council at
local, regional and national levels
8. To represent the Community Council on outside bodies to which the Councillor is
appointed and report back activities
9. To maintain proper standards of behaviour and comply with the Council’s code of
10.To deal with resident’s enquiries and representations fairly and without prejudice

Skills needed by a Councillor:
• Making decisions.
• Exploring and expanding ideas.
• Interpreting information.
• Having ideas.
• Visualising what might happen.
• Using imagination.
• Understanding budgets and financial paperwork.
• Keeping going skills.
• Encouraging yourself and others.
• Listening.
• Questioning.
• Dealing with conflict.
• Evaluating.
• Reviewing.
• Drawing conclusions.
• Seeing the bigger picture.
• Assessing objectively.
• Measuring and comparing results.
• Public speaking.
• Persuading and motivating.
• Prioritising.
• Negotiating.
• IT skills.

Councillor Vacancies

Due to the resignation of Cllrs Elizabeth Bradbury and Magda Atkins, there are two new vacancies in the office of Parish Councillor for Hertingfordbury Parish Council

If by 10 June, 2021 a request for an election to fill the above vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address below by TEN local government electors for Hertingfordbury Parish, an election will be held to fill the vacancy.

If an election is not requested by ten local government electors, the vacancy will be filled by co-option as soon as practicable after 10 June, 2021.

Dated 20 May, 2021
Richard Cassidy
Returning Officer,
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ

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Play Your Part

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Casual Vacancy

Hertingfordbury Parish Council has a vacancy to be filled by co-option. Anyone who would like to be considered for co-option should contact the clerk. The vacancy is open to anyone with a valid connection to the parish (through residency, land ownership or  employment).