Hertingfordbury and the Five Greens

Hertingfordbury is a village to the west of Hertford town in Hertfordshire, England. It lies within the St. Albans Diocesan parish of Hertingfordbury and the local government boundary of Hertford Town Council.

Within the area there are a number of other small villages locally known as "the five greens". These are:

  • Birch Green
  • Cole Green
  • East End Green
  • Letty Green
  • Staines Green

These villages and the surrounding area are also part of the St. Albans Diocese parish but are served by the Hertingfordbury Parish Council.

This website provides a voice for the whole local community as well as the Hertingfordbury Parish Council.



Community Grant Programme 2015

The council has allocated a budget to give small grants to community projects. You can download an application form or contact the clerk:

Nina L Villa
Parish Clerk
20 Church End,
SG11 2QA